At this portal the administrative contact of a .SG domain name may login to:
- Verify the identity of the domain name registrant or
- Enable/Disable "RegistryLock" on the domain name.
  1. Please note that from 11 April 2021, you will be required to login to government digital services for businesses (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass. For more information, visit go.gov.sg/corporate-login

  2. From 19th April 2020 onwards, domain names registered before 2 May 2013 will be subject to the VerifiedID@SG scheme once the identity or contact information of the registrant is changed. A check on SGNIC WHOIS for the domain name will show that the verification of the domain name is pending ("VerifiedID@SG-Pending"), and cannot be renewed ("Server Renew Prohibited") until the administrative contact completes the verification process. For more information, please visit the VerifiedID@SG FAQ.
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What is Singpass?
Singpass is the common username and password issued by the Singapore Government to transact with different online services.

Forgot your password? Please go to https://www.singpass.gov.sg and look under "Forgot Singpass" section.
What is SGNICID?
SGNICID is a username that is issued by SGNIC to an organisation or (foreign) individual after passing a verification exercise with SGNIC. It is only issued under special circumstances.
Eligibility for SGNICID
Click here to extend the verification due date by 7 days.

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